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A leader among private tutoring companies in the heart of Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia since 2012 (online tutoring available outside of Atlanta).

Welcome, Parents!

Are you preparing

to take the SSAT, SAT, or ACT standardized tests? Do you have a student who needs a little extra help with schoolwork? Or do you want your student to get ahead of the curve? Are you looking for a skilled and effective tutor that stands out above...

all of the tutoring companies, national and local? If you want your student to score higher, catch up, or get ahead, call us for private tutoring and online tutoring!

I am a skilled educator

for children in elementary and junior high schools, and for students in high school. I am a Westminster Schools (Atlanta, GA), Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA), and Oxford University (Oxford, United Kingdom) trained young tutor. I focus...

my tutoring business on standardized test preparation for the SAT, ACT, and SSAT, and I also cover many grade school subjects from math to language arts.

I became a tutor because

I enjoy seeing others learn and improve their scores. I know a quality education can benefit people throughout their lives, both by building confidence in themselves and by encouraging them to think critically. I tutor my students...

on-site (at their homes, at a neutral location, or through online tutoring with a virtual classroom), seven days a week. My focus is on the propagation of higher scores for my students on the SAT, ACT, SSAT, or other academia.

We're here to help your student learn and grow, obtain higher scores, and achieve their goals.

Northside Tutoring
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SAT-ACT-SSAT-ISEE tutor in Atlanta


What a Difference

"You have been a 5 star tutor for my son who is studying for the SSAT and you have made
the lessons fun every time. I would definitely recommend you!"

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

"She killed it on her recent SSAT test. Score up 105 points over all, 25% pts. for her grade and gender.
From 54th percentile verbal to 90th!! Thank you so much."

Off to a Great Start

"We just got the SSAT score back! [He] got 99%! We really thank you so much for all your help.
Without your tutoring and guidance, he would not be even close to this score!"

Session Format

Professional One-on-One Tutoring
Professional Small Group Tutoring
Professional Online Tutoring
Professional Lecture-Style

Northside Tutoring

Every student learns differently.
I apply the most effective methods
for getting the desired results.
Your student deserves the best!