ACT Tutoring Services in Atlanta, GA

Over the last twenty or so years, the ACT (American College Test) has gained tremendous popularity. Today, about half of college-bound students choose the ACT.

The Approach of The Test,

its practicality and its relevance to the world after high school and college – has steadily drawn students to it. With the redesign of the SAT in 2016, the College Board addressed the changing landscape of college admissions. This decision has made the two tests more similar than ever. Likewise, colleges now generally accept both tests.

Northside Tutoring prepares students for the ACT just as it does the SAT. In not only recognizing their similarities, but also in focusing on their differences, I help to determine the better test for the student.

I work to address my students’ concerns in deciding which test is better suited for them – asking such questions as “What are their trouble areas?” or “How quickly does your child work on a multiple choice test?” After reviewing the format and content areas of the ACT versus the SAT with my students, I collaborate with them, so they and their parents are properly prepared to make the best decision for themselves.

Beyond just the decision itself to take the ACT, the same stress and pressure accompanies the ACT as the SAT. Students know the test can play a large role in their future. Where the four years of college and the years of employment after graduation are spent greatly influences the course of one’s life. High performance leads to better opportunities and a higher standard of living. Being open-minded and skilled implies an ability to reach a level of command over many circumstances. As a teacher, I work to seize this critical moment in my students’ lives to help them succeed in their goals, so they can handle high levels of responsibility. That’s a lot to place on tutor relationships, but nonetheless, I have seen many students markedly increase in self-confidence and improve critical thinking skills. The outside, positive influence of an authority figure such as a professional tutor can, at that age, be of great assistance in navigating the maze of youth.

Unlike the SAT, the ACT is divided into four sections that comprise the composite score. The four sections are Math, English, Reading, and Science. They are averaged together, each section scored from 1-36. The middle 50% of the participants score between 17 and 23. Getting even just a few more questions correct can significantly enhance a student’s score on a percentile basis. The ACT score is one of the top three components admissions officers use to determine whom they offer acceptance to. Rigorous, meticulous preparation for the test has no substitute; the scores will reflect the extent and quality of the effort put into getting ready for the test.

Like My Course for the SAT

I customize each approach for every student in order to maximize score performance. I offer individualized instruction for the ACT year-round. Students have their choice: in-home, internet based, or neutral locations are all available, making lesson planning easier and more convenient for everyone. Many find a blended approach to be most conducive to learning. Small group classes – offered to my students should they prefer to work with friends – are welcome. This approach also has been highly successful for my students. After all, learning has to be fun just as it is a challenge.

For an initial discussion regarding you or your son or daughter, Contact Us & I will respond within a day.

A Note on Learning Challenges

Many of my students who have learning challenges have gone through my courses, learned expansively, and built up much deserved confidence in themselves. I am knowledgeable and encouraging, and I create special learning environments for each student. Flexible, patient, and kind, I work tirelessly to support and understand each student.

A Note on Scholarships

High SAT and ACT scores can lead to academic scholarships. Northside maximizes students’ chances of obtaining them by always reaching for the highest standardized test score possible. An investment in Northside Tutoring preparation is something that can result in substantial financial benefit to students and their families.

We Adjust to Allow students To learn at their own pace.​