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Writing essays for college admissions can be an overwhelming task ; Northside Tutoring is here to help! Several members of our team specialize in college essays. We encourage you to hop on a quick 10-minute discovery call, so we can tell you all about our services and about the team members who are available to assist! Read on to hear from one team member, John, who is dedicated to creating compelling stories for our students:



I think this area combines two fields that I have a lot of experience in: education and writing. Having graduated from Harvard and then continued in education through tutoring, I've had the opportunity to stay up to date with the college application process. Moreover, as a writer with literary and acting reps in Los Angeles, I've likewise had the opportunity to learn what makes for a great narrative that will allow your script to stand out from the pack. I'm a huge believer that now more than ever students can SHAPE THE NARRATIVE of their college applications. They can highlight the strengths that will enable them to stick out from the rest of the applicant pool. Truly, I think this can be distilled down to a central theme/thesis of their application that will leave an admissions committee remembering them. This thesis takes into account all aspects of their application, but it can be hugely influenced by their personal and supplemental essays. I feel that as a college essay/admissions coach I can help a student find this central message that speaks to them more than anything, and excitedly deliver it to colleges across America.

Meet the other members of our College Essay Coaching Team
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