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Find Academic Success and College Preparedness Atlanta’s Premier Private Tutor For In-Home Education

As a homeschooling parent, you teach your child math, science, reading, and history – but you want to be certain they’re ready for important tests such as the SAT, ACT, or the SSAT.

Or maybe a particular subject isn’t one of your strengths, so you could use a little extra support and every now and then, you come across a difficult concept.

Now, you have access to someone who is excited to help you and your homeschooler:

Imagine your homeschooler heading off to college. You’ve given them a well-rounded education in all the major subjects. You’ve invested your time and energy to make sure they are prepared for higher learning.

You’ve also given them an amazing advantage over other students by providing individualized instruction, not only on your own, but from an engaging, caring private tutor who is more than just an educator…he is also a mentor and a friend.

Exciting future for them, isn’t it? Want to know more about how you and your homeschooler can benefit from extra one-on-one study? Read on!

Help! We Need a Homeschool Tutor!

If you’ve ever researched private tutors for your homeschooler, you know how overwhelming the options can be.

The answer? Northside Tutoring in Atlanta

I will help your child gain academic understanding and personal confidence.

Your child’s homeschool experience will be enriched by the kindness and caring of an experienced private tutor. The skills and knowledge your child receives will last a lifetime.

You have chosen to teach your child at home for many reasons. There is significant evidence showing that children/students learn better in the one-on-one teaching environment you provide.

I continue this personal instruction and bring a different aspect adding to what you’re already giving your child—

—teaching that is individualized for their learning style and customized for your homeschool.

“Tutored students outperformed their peers on examinations, and they expressed more positive attitudes toward the subjects in which they were tutored.” American Education Research Journal

“…receiving tutoring leads to a larger improvement in school performance and motivational variables.” European Journal of Psychology of Education

Tutors aren’t parents, and they aren’t teachers. By offering a more relaxed connection to a child/student, I can engage your homeschooler and help them in a manner that can be less authoritarian than learning from Mom or Dad.

This learning environment allows your child/student to make advancements in a whole new way.

A qualified, caring private tutor:

  • Brings new perspectives to your homeschool experience.
  • Consults with you to learn more about your child’s educational experience.
  • Adjusts their teaching style to fit your child’s learning style.
  • Gives you a plethora of feedback.
  • Opens new avenues of understanding.
  • Listens to you and your child.
  • Follows your child’s pace.
  • Raises enthusiasm, thereby lowers stress.
  • Mentors your child.
  • Celebrates educational victories.

I enjoy seeing others learn and improve their scores. I know a quality education can benefit people throughout their lives by building confidence in themselves and encouraging them to think critically. Your child’s success is my highest mission.

I am a skilled educator for children in elementary through high school. My training is from

  • Westminster Schools (Atlanta, GA),
  • Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA),
  • Oxford University (Oxford, United Kingdom).
  • I know every child/student learns differently. I apply the most effective methods for getting the desired results. Your child/student deserves the best!

The most satisfying part of my everyday experience is watching young minds succeed.

We Adjust to Allow students To learn at their own pace.