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The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is the primary test used to determine admission to law schools. Northside is here to help you become the attorney you have dreamed of becoming.

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What is a good LSAT score?

Experts in law school admissions, as cited by U.S. News, advise aiming for a minimum LSAT score of 150. However, to increase your chances at a top-ranked law school, setting your sights on a score of 160 or higher is recommended.

Are you aspiring to enter a Top 10 law school? If so, then achieving a score of 170 or above is often necessary.

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The target score varies depending on the law schools you're considering. Here's what to keep in mind for scores of 150, 160, or 170:

  • 150 Score: A 150 score places you around the average for LSAT test-takers. This makes admission into law schools a bit more competitive. Nonetheless, numerous law schools have median LSAT scores of 150 or below, so achieving this score doesn't preclude your chances of admission.
  • 160 score: Achieving a score of 160 is generally regarded as favorable and opens doors to many prestigious law schools. Though this score might not suffice for the topmost law schools, it aligns with the median scores of many respected institutions. However, be aware that securing scholarships might require surpassing this threshold.
  • 170 Score: A score of 170 is nearly always seen as excellent, and will land you in the top 2-3% of LSAT participants. However, even with such a high score, entrance into the most elite law schools isn't guaranteed. These institutions also weigh other aspects of your application, which we can also advise you on!