Private Tutor Services in Atlanta, GA

Unlock your complete learning potential with a private tutor. Northside Tutoring provides comprehensive private tutor services in Atlanta, GA, to prepare you for the SAT, ACT, and SSAT, as well as general math and language arts tutoring.

Subjects Offered

We understand that each student has particular needs and a unique learning style that a traditional classroom may not meet. Because of this, we cater our tutoring services to each individual student that we work with.

Our private tutor services are available for math at any level from kindergarten through 12th grade, including algebra. We also help our clients with writing, reading, and related tasks. We work closely with our clients on all elements of the writing process from spelling and grammar to style. We have experience in a variety of types of writing and use that experience to help you write better essays and more professional writing tasks.

Our goal is to prepare you for any standardized tests that are in your future, as well as general academic improvement. We work with you to identify the particular areas that you want to improve in and develop a customized study plan to help you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

Who We Are

Since 2013, we have offered the private tutor services that you and others throughout the Atlanta, GA, area need. We are committed to your improvement and academic success and work tirelessly to bring that to pass. We provide our services 7 days a week at your convenience from 7 am to 10 pm. We are available throughout the day because we know that your schedule is already busy and we want to help you however we can.

SAT, SSAT & ACT Testing

All sessions have a 1 hour minimum duration. Will include extra homework, readings and activities.

Traditional School Assistance

From homework help to organization to improving your grades.

Small Group Tutoring

(2-8 students) - Please inquire about rates for these courses by callings us today at:
(404) 861-8449

Come to Northside Tutoring in Atlanta, GA, to achieve your academic dreams. Call 404-861-8449 to arrange for our private tutor services today.

In-Person & Online Tutorial Courses


General K-12

Algebra I & II

For any math assistance at any level.

Language Arts


Help with reading analysis and more.


Everything from essay writing to professional writing is covered here.


History & Social Studies

Standardized Test Preparation for SAT, ACT, and SSAT

All sessions have a 1 hour minimum duration. Will include extra homework, readings and activities.

Academic Tutorials for Math, Reading, Writing & Vocabulary for All Three Tests

Learning process for private tutoring: students learn at their own pace.