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Here is a partial list of parents' reviews of Northside Tutoring:

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You Made a Difference

96th percentile in verbal, 88th percentile in reading… Robert did a fantastic job tutoring our son. He worked with our schedule and took time to really teach the underlying concepts. Our son aced the ISEE & the SSAT and his school scores are up too. Awesome job.

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

She killed it on her recent SSAT test. Score up 105 points over all, 25% pts. for her grade and gender. From 54th percentile verbal to 90th!! Thank you so much.

My daughter got a 96% and 100% on her math quizzes. She got a 95% on her math test.

We want to thank you for your time and support.

I wanted to share with you that her scores were excellent (97,97,97,99th overall) and that she was accepted at Westminster.

We Thank You!

Consistently great!! Robert is a soft-spoken, effective, patient and kind tutor. I have 2 very different kids – one motivated and one not as much – and both are responding to his teaching style. Thanks Robert!!

My son got a 93% on that paper from last week!”

Thank you so much for all of your help, it really paid off.

Mr. Feagin, I just got my scores from the ACT back and I got a 31 composite, but with a score of 31 on the Math section, I now superscore to a 33 which was my goal.

Math Success Update:

my daughter raised her grade in math from a scary 70 something to a 89. Thank you for working with her!

I got my scores back!! I got a 1470!!

Thank you so much – you helped me a lot preparing for the SAT.

Off to a Great Start

We just got the SSAT score back! [He] got 99%! We really thank you so much for all your help. Without your tutoring and guidance, he would not be even close to this score!

What a Difference

You have been a 5 star tutor for my son who is studying for the SSAT and you have made the lessons fun every time. I would definitely recommend you!

Thank you again!

Just thought that you would like to know my son made a 95% on his math test after you tutored him. 

Good news!

My son got a 93 on that paper from last week.