Here is a partial list of parents' reviews of Northside Tutoring

Math Success Update:

my daughter raised her grade in math from a scary 70 something to a 89. Thank you for working with her!

We want to thank you for your time and support.

I wanted to share with you that her scores were excellent (97,97,97,99th overall) and that she was accepted at Westminster.

Thank you again!

Just thought that you would like to know my son made a 95% on his math test after you tutored him.

Thank you so much!

Mr. Feagin, I just got my scores from the ACT back and I got a 31 composite, but with a score of 31 on the Math section, I now superscore to a 33 which was my goal.

My daughter got a 96% and 100% on her math quizzes. She got a 95% on her math test.

What a Difference

You have been a 5 star tutor for my son who is studying for the SSAT and you have made the lessons fun every time. I would definitely recommend you!

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

She killed it on her recent SSAT test. Score up 105 points over all, 25% pts. for her grade and gender. From 54th percentile verbal to 90th!! Thank you so much.

Off to a Great Start

We just got the SSAT score back! [He] got 99%! We really thank you so much for all your help. Without your tutoring and guidance, he would not be even close to this score!

We Thank You!

Consistently great!! Robert is a soft-spoken, effective, patient and kind tutor. I have 2 very different kids – one motivated and one not as much – and both are responding to his teaching style. Thanks Robert!!

You Made a Difference

96th percentile in verbal, 88th percentile in reading… Robert did a fantastic job tutoring our son. He worked with our schedule and took time to really teach the underlying concepts. Our son aced the ISEE & the SSAT and his school scores are up too. Awesome job.

Learning process for private tutoring: students learn at their own pace.