SAT Prep Tutor in Buckhead, GA

Northside Tutoring recognizes both the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and the ACT (American College Test) to be the broadest, most thorough, and most singly important tests for college-bound high schoolers.



The SAT is critical to the college admissions process. Taken together with the high school transcript, performance on the SAT shows the student’s college readiness. Our goal at Northside Tutoring is to prepare students to perform their best on test day, so our students gain admission to their target schools.

While stress, pressure, and anxiety plague most SAT students, success is achievable with the right material and the right tutor. At Northside, we have formulated industry standard approaches that generate confidence and high scores. Students find our courses to be efficient, relevant, and impactful. Those who choose Northside Tutoring to help prepare are shown how to succeed. We provide a structure for our students to thrive. As mentors, teachers, guides, and friends, we at Northside steer our students in the right direction, save them time and effort, make their self-study more efficient, and maximize scores.

We address every student’s concern about the test; we answer every question. For most students, we first de-mystify the test: we study the content tested and then categorize and define the types of questions on the test. For other students, selective content review is all that is needed: we choose only the sections of the test where proficiency is lacking (where the student is losing points), and we isolate the subject matter requiring attention. We follow the review of the material on the test with our specialized approaches and methods that have proven over time to be highly effective in optimizing scores. Our tips, strategies, and review are among the best you will find in test preparation; we have placed substantial time, effort, and resources into developing them. Our students’ admissions successes are the best evidence to support that claim. Our students have gained admission to nearly all the Ivy League schools and Stanford, as well as a plethora of other fine schools across the country.

Northside Tutoring
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