SAT Tutoring Services in Atlanta, GA

Northside Tutoring prepares students for the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and the ACT (American College Test)
the most important tests for college-bound high schoolers.

SAT's - Almost All

Universities use them to determine entrance to their institutions, but how, as a student, can I de-mystify the SAT? How can I learn all of this material? How can I really improve – how can I achieve a top score? Stress, pressure, and test anxiety plague many students. Students are expected to demonstrate advanced, college-level skills in math and English under timed conditions. Having the best preparation – and enough of it – is crucial to optimizing scores.

Northside Tutoring has prepared hundreds of students for the SAT. We concentrate on building confidence, improving scores, and reaching objectives. Students find our courses efficient, relevant, and effective.

Those who choose Northside to help prepare are shown how to succeed. While some students need help organizing their approaches and strategies, others must practice intensely to win the war against the clock. Some require selective content review. Still others have specific goals, such as scholarships, in mind. Engaging students in comprehensive verbal assessments toward the beginning of my course, I gain an understanding of what is first priority and beyond.

Oftentimes I have told my students preparing for the SAT is similar to adding another course to their curriculums. Students who consistently prepare with me on a regular schedule and self-prepare for at least two to three months in advance naturally achieve their goals with much greater probability than those students in the applicant pool who either go in “cold” or study only minimally. I assign homework, and I provide structure for the students to thrive. As a mentor, teacher, guide, and friend, I work with my students to save them time, to steer them in the right directions, to optimize scores, and to find the value in being able to think most critically.

Individualized Instruction for the SAT year-round.

Students have their choice: in-home, internet based, or neutral locations are all available, making lesson planning easier and more convenient for everyone. Many find a blended approach to be most conducive to learning. Small group classes – offered to my students should they prefer to work with friends – are welcome. This approach also has been highly successful for my students. After all, learning has to be fun just as it is a challenge.

For an initial discussion regarding you or your son or daughter, Contact Us & I will respond within a day.

A Note on Learning Challenges

Many of our students who have learning challenges have gone through my courses, learned expansively, and built up much deserved confidence in themselves. I am knowledgeable and encouraging, and I create special learning environments for each student. Flexible, patient, and kind, I work tirelessly to support and understand each student.

A Note on Scholarships

High SAT and ACT scores can lead to academic scholarships. Northside maximizes students’ chances of obtaining them by always reaching for the highest standardized test score possible. An investment in Northside Tutoring preparation is something that can result in substantial financial benefit to students and their families.

We Adjust to Allow students To learn at their own pace.​