SSAT Tutoring in Buckhead, GA

The SSAT, or Secondary School Admissions Test, and the ISEE, or Independent School Entrance Exam, are both tests that students take to gain admission to private elementary, middle school, and high schools across the United States.

Northside Tutoring has had enormous success in helping students achieve higher scores on the SSAT & ISEE. Our college-educated tutors work closely with every student to attain the best results and to secure places at their target schools. We encourage every student to discover their own uniqueness, value, and potential. Our tutors prepare students to embrace a world full of possibilities by addressing their youthful, positive frame of mind and acting as good mentors. We shine a light on each student’s abilities. We always strive to achieve “light bulb” moments, and we always make certain the student recognizes his or her progress. If we string a series of these accomplishments together, then our students are more likely to believe in themselves and can be on the way toward bright, independent futures.

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