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Jennifer S

Robert is soft spoken, kind, patient, encouraging an effective!

We found Robert in the middle of the school year in 2014. Our 8 year old son was having a very challenging time with math, and his father and I were not able to assist him without us all ending up beyond frustrated. Robert is soft spoken, kind, patient, encouraging an effective! Our sons grades have improved, and he comes home from school telling us that math is easier for him than it used to be! We would highly recommend Robert to any parent considering a math tutor for their student.

Jayne L

Great rapport with students

Great rapport with students–my son responded well to Robert’s tutoring and improved greatly on his SAT score as a result of Robert’s help!

Cindy l

Tutored my mathematically challenged daughter to improve her SAT score

Multi-Subject Tutoring Robert tutored my mathematically challenged daughter to improve her SAT score and she was delighted to learn new methods and tactics. After four to five sessions she retook her SAT and raised her score 60 points. My husband, myself and my daughter were well pleased

Steve b.

Robert was punctual and made my child feel at ease

ACT Tutoring Robert was punctual and made my child feel at ease. His attention to detail and focus on what was needed was excellent

Angela A

Northside Tutoring helped my daughter to improve her Math grades

Robert helped my daughter to improve her Math grades, I found out almost at the end of the third quarter last year that her Math grades were slowly decreasing, I decided to contact him, he’s been an incredible support for us, now 3rd grade is going a lot smoother.

Linda S

We just started with Robert and are very pleased

Reading and Writing Tutoring We just started with Robert and are very pleased. Our 10 year old really likes Robert and that is very important.

Carole H

Robert has done excellent work with my fourth grade son

Math Tutoring Robert has done excellent work with my fourth grade son on his math. His explanation of the problems and methods for solving are easily understood. He has been very patient as well through out the process.

Shawn A

Improved SAT score 140 points after two months of tutoring

Test Prep Services Improved SAT score 140 points after two months of tutoring, definitely recommend!

Amy G

ACT Tutoring

ACT Tutoring

Monica Cainion

Amazing Tutor for my son!

Amazing Tutor for my son! He is heading to college and his SAT scores went up!

Julie S.

Prompt, Bright, Great Teacher!

Algebra Tutoring Prompt, Bright, Great Teacher!

Brian Zwerner

Worked with both of my middle school children

Robert worked with both of my middle school children preparing them for new subjects in math. They really enjoyed his teaching style and learned a lot.

Anne Rogers

A great help to us

Robert has been a great help to us for SSAT tutoring and math. He is always prompt, reliable, and professional. Highly recommend!

Dab Fight

A wonderful tutor

Robert is a wonderful tutor. My daughter really enjoys working with him – and her academic success is all the proof I need that he is worth every penny. Thanks Robert!

Sallie Forrester

Working with Robert for 3 years

We have been working with Robert for 3 years. Robert is patient and kind while he pushes for the best from his students.

Robert has always been professional and works with us when the schedule needs…

Lisa Gyovai

Wonderful with our daughter

Robert has been wonderful with our daughter (11). Her confidence and aptitude have improved markedly, and she genuinely looks forward to their sessions. We are especially pleased with her SSAT scores!

Reed Garzon

Robert was a great tutor

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Robert was a great tutor. He helped me raise my math score so I could get the score I wanted on the ACT.

Sylvia Wright

Excellent tutor!

Robert is an excellent tutor! He is incredibly knowledgeable and has a calm, nurturing demeanor. I have seen my daughter excel in math and other subjects after working with him over the past year. Robert is reliable, professional, and effective. I highly recommend his tutoring services for any student who seriously wants to improve their academic performance and consistency.

Anu Whisenhunt

Great tutor

A great tutor. Receptive to student’s needs. Adapted to what my daughter needed to improve her scores.

Kate Jackson

Exceptionally pleased

Two of our children have used Northside Tutoring, and we have been exceptionally pleased. Robert tutored one of our children for above-grade level acceleration, and our other child was tutored in his current classes. Both of our children thrived under this tutoring, and we have seen remarkable academic improvement. We will continue to use Robert’s expertise in the future.

Math Success Update:

my daughter raised her grade in math from a scary 70 something to a 89. Thank you for working with her!

Frank Fam

Awesome as well as well-rounded dedicated tutor!

Robert is an awesome as well as well-rounded dedicated tutor! From him tutoring/prepping my daughter for her ACT and him being a reference, not only did she improve her score and testing abilities but also got into the college of her choice. Thank you.

Patricia Crider

Definitely a five star service

This is definitely a five star service. Our experience with our tutor Robert Feagin met all of our expectations. My granddaughter’s grades have improved and we expect to use this many more times. The price is very manageable.

Thank you again!

Just thought that you would like to know my son made a 95% on his math test after you tutored him.

Thank you so much!

Mr. Feagin, I just got my scores from the ACT back and I got a 31 composite, but with a score of 31 on the Math section, I now superscore to a 33 which was my goal.

We want to thank you for your time and support.

I wanted to share with you that her scores were excellent (97,97,97,99th overall) and that she was accepted at Westminster.

My daughter got a 96% and 100% on her math quizzes. She got a 95% on her math test.
A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

She killed it on her recent SSAT test. Score up 105 points over all, 25% pts. for her grade and gender. From 54th percentile verbal to 90th!! Thank you so much.

What a Difference

You have been a 5 star tutor for my son who is studying for the SSAT and you have made the lessons fun every time. I would definitely recommend you!

Off to a Great Start

We just got the SSAT score back! [He] got 99%! We really thank you so much for all your help. Without your tutoring and guidance, he would not be even close to this score!

You Made a Difference

96th percentile in verbal, 88th percentile in reading… Robert did a fantastic job tutoring our son. He worked with our schedule and took time to really teach the underlying concepts. Our son aced the ISEE & the SSAT and his school scores are up too. Awesome job.

We Thank You!

Consistently great!! Robert is a soft-spoken, effective, patient and kind tutor. I have 2 very different kids – one motivated and one not as much – and both are responding to his teaching style. Thanks Robert!!

Angela Morello

Highly recommend!

We used Northside tutoring to help our son with the middle level SSAT prep. The sessions were effective and productive! My son did great on the test, significantly improving his scores, and was accepted into all of the competitive schools to which he applied! Highly recommend!

Joanna Cottone


I needed a Spanish tutor ASAP, and Robert was able to connect me with two right away. My tutor was an expert, and immediately improved my test performance and overall understanding. The BEST!

John Stallworth

Jacob Nelson was excellent

Our tutor Jacob Nelson was excellent. The exposure to and practice using SSAT test taking strategies, along with direct tutoring in areas where improvement was identified helped my daughter achieve above average test scores and ultimately our goal of getting in to her school of choice, Westminister.

Ethan Sanchez

A great tutor for me.

Robert was a great tutor for me. I wanted to achieve a better SAT score and he helped me do exactly that. Great communication and amazing help.

Joanna Jardina

Easy scheduling and great teacher!

Our family has used Robert for tutoring on and off for years and have always found him extremely helpful. My sophomore son recently needed tutoring going into the final exam for chemistry. Robert connected us to a great tutor who was very helpful and significantly boosted his confidence. Easy scheduling and great teacher!

Tay Gupta

A fantastic tutor.

Robert was a fantastic tutor. I hired him to help prepare my son for the SAT. Not only did he help to improve my son’s SAT score, but he also offered lots of helpful tips for the college admissions process in general. Would definitely hire him again.

Nancy Veronica Ilenre

An excellent tutor and has made such a positive impact.

Robert is an excellent tutor and has made such a positive impact. He is extremely flexible, even with a pretty packed schedule. On the rare occasion that he’s not available, he’s able to coordinate lessons with other tutors, even last minute. I have nothing but great things to say about Robert and am thankful to have Northside tutoring as a go-to resource for any tutoring needs. Thank you!

William McCarroll

Always punctual.

Robert is always punctual. My son had an algebra grade in the 30s a month before the final exam. He ended up exempting his final after four weeks of catching up. I highly recommend him for any subject!

Rhode Ogufere

5 star tutoring service.

Definitely a 5 star tutoring service. My experience with Robert left me well prepared for my SAT. He had very thorough explanations for math problems and gave me helpful strategies and tips all through out.

Eric Burgess

Hands down is the best tutor I have had.

Robert feagan hands down is the best tutor I have had. I worked very closely with him for almost six months and kept my grade in math an A. A boat of knowledge when it comes to math and anything robert does he does it in a simple easy to grasp concept, making sure he does his job as a teacher the right way the first time so you can exceed in your studies.


Great experience learning with Max.

He was patient, attentive, and always provided intuitive and easy to understand explanations. Thank you to Max and Robert for helping me open the doors to higher education. If you're looking for SAT tutoring. I cannot recommend Northside tutoring enough.

Cathy Spencer

Robert and his team are amazing!

Kind, flexible, patient and excellent tutors. Our daughter got into both schools we applied to after Northside's ssat prep sessions! I highly recommend them for ssat and sat prep.

Brigitte J.

I contacted Robert at Northside Tutoring for a tutor to help my son be test ready & fill some gaps in his classroom learning.

We had a great experience with Northside tutoring& I can highly recommend.
Robert responded right away and gave me options on tutors including one that was close.
Max was great working with my son & we appreciated his tailoring of lessons for what he needed.

Zach L.

Northside Tutoring was a lifesaver for my 7th grader’s math preparation.

The tutor was responsive and accommodating to our needs. I’d definitely use their services again!

Morgan Ward

I can’t speak highly enough of Robert.

He helped my older daughter double her math score on the SSAT in a matter of months. Without him I don’t think we’d ever have gotten into any of the competitive private schools we applied to. And the amazing part is that he’s so incredibly patient while teaching them. I get frustrated when I’m trying to teach them and they keep making the same mistakes, but Robert just smiles and encourages them. My daughter recently told me that she has learned more from Robert in the past seven months than she’d learned in her school math classes in the last 3 years. Thank you Robert for being such a key part of my kids’ academic success!

Ben Tobian

Great experience! Very patient and good teaching children

Nikki Obi

Northside tutoring has helped my child exceed in math, which was once her least favorite subjects but now it is her most favorite subject. It has helped her math anxiety decrease to zero. The tutors are patient, knowledgeable and caring. They answer every call, text and email promptly. This is a professional tutoring service. We were able to do in-Person and online tutoring. I would highly recommend this company.

Emily Hart

Mr. Feagin and Northside Tutoring have helped my son improve his academic performance and, notably, his confidence towards test-taking. He has learned quite a bit in a short time and is proud of his accomplishments. We’ll always return to Northside to help our children excel! Thank you so much!

Laura Hamm

My son and a few classmates had a great experience getting help from a Northside tutor as they prepared for midterm exams. I appreciated that the tutor reviewed the study guide before the tutoring session, which made it very productive. She even called me afterwards to follow up and offer suggestions on practice problems he could do on his own in the days leading up to the exam.

Camelia Ruffin

Robert and his team have been integral in helping our son improve in math and reading and his study habits. I highly recommend them!

Aarnav singal

Bryan H

Got into Eckerd college which was his first choice for marine biology.

He got into Eckerd college which was his first choice for marine biology. He also got an $88,000 scholarship and accepted into the honors program. Thank you for all your help with him.

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